Redundancy questions answered on-site

The INOU have been providing presentations to staff in companies where redundancies have been occuring over the past two years.

The presentation includes a group presentation which will last for approximately 40 minutes.

The powerpoint presentation will cover the following areas:

  • Redundancy
  • Tax and Redundancy
  • Social Welfare Payments
  • Education Options

These four areas cover information including:

  • Who qualifies for statutory redundancy?
  • Redundancy Calculation
  • Maximum Limit to Statutory Redundancy
  • Final Pay Packet, Basic Tax Exemption
  • Increased Tax Exemption
  • Information on Jobseeker's Benefit and Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Claiming Social Welfare
  • Social Welfare and Redundancy Lump Sum
  • Genuinely Seeking Work (GSW) criteria
  • Redundancy and GSW
  • Redundancy and Education

The group presentation will be followed by a one to one opportunity for the staff to ask any questions particular to their own personal circumstances.


If you have any queries to any of the above information please do not hesitate to contact the INOU by Email