Part-time Education Option

JobPath – Part-Time Education Option (PTEO)
You may continue in part-time education while engaged with JobPath, but it cannot prevent you engaging with any meetings, training or job search activities as recommended by your Personal Adviser.

Back to Education Programme (BTE)
The BTE programme, which encompasses the Back to Education Allowance, Part-Time Education Options and Education, Training and Development Options, is a second-chance education scheme for Jobseekers, lone parents
and people with disabilities who are getting certain Social Welfare payments. Under the programme, income support is provided to allow participants undertake a second-level or third-level course to improve their education.

Part-time Education Options
If you are a Jobseeker, you can take on part-time study and you may be able to retain your Jobseekers payment. Although this option is not part of any return-to-education programme or course, it is your ‘right’ as an unemployed
person to pursue training, re-training or education, which may improve your ability to seek and find work, while you continue to look for work. To be eligible you will still need to be Genuinely Seeking Work (see Chapter 1).
To avail of this option you will need to complete the form PTEO with details of your planned education and submit it to your local Intreo Centre. You should do this prior to starting your course to ensure that no problems arise.
There are many part-time courses, usually called ‘Adult Education Courses’, available in schools and colleges. There is usually a small fee for these courses, but very often a reduced rate fee applies to people on low incomes. Ask about possible fee reductions. These courses are listed in The Guide to Evening Classes, available in your local library/bookshop.