Local Employment Service

Local Employment Service's were set up throughout the country in response to the need to help long-term unemployed people find jobs. The overall aim of the service is to enable you to explore the range of employment, education and training options available and to plan your use of these options to help you progress form welfare to work.

Your local LES offices, or Contact Points, are identifiable by the OBAIR Local Employment Service' sign. Through these Contact Points you can access the services of mediators and guidance counsellors who are available to assist you in accessing the jobseeking services and supports you need.

The mediator will work with you in developing your C.V. and jobseeking skills. They will develop a jobseeking plan that will focus on your skills and abiliites, to help you find the type of job you want. Mediators have extensive contacts, with local employers and can be helpful in finding lcoal employment opportunities.

LES guidance counsellors can provide you with information about training, further education and second chance educational programmes that may be of benefit to you. The guidance counsellor will work with you, helping to evaluate the various options available and support you in your decisions.

Through the services of both the mediator and guidance counsellors you will be able to look at the various employment schemes that might be suitable for you now and make plans for getting work after you finish the schemes(s). If you feel you want to make plans for getting work after you finish the scheme(s). If you feel you want to make a longer-term plan and do some training and go back to school or college the LES will aslo be able to help you consider your options. Some of the LES's offer access to childcare facilities, operate Job Clubs and can offer specialised training courses.