European Job Mobility Portal (EURES)

The purpose of EURES is to provide information, advice and recruitment / placement (job-matching) services for the benefit of workers and employers as well as any citizen wishing to benefit from the principle of the free movement of persons. EURES has a human network of more than 850 EURES advisers that are in daily contact with employers and jobseekers across Europe. EURES plays an important role in providing information about and helping to solve all sorts of problems related to cross-border commuting that workers and employers may experience.

Set up in 1993, EURES is a co-operation network between the European Commission and the Public Employment Services of the EEA Member States (The EU countries plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and other partner organisations. Switzerland also takes part in EURES co-operation. The joint resources of the EURES member and partner organisations provide a solid basis for the EURES network to offer high quality services for both workers and employers.

The following is a list of EURES Services / Information:

EURES Online CV:

  • Jobseekers can create, store and search profiles and receive email alerts when European jobs matching the profile become availabe. EURES Online CV, accessible in all EU languages , gives you the opportunity to post your CV and make it available to EURES Advisers and registered employers. EURES is a service that is free of charge to both jobseekers. To create an Online EURES CV you will first have to create a 'My EURES' account.After registering, follow the instructions displayed in the step-by-step procedure and fill in all the mandatory fields. To register phone 00 800 4080 4080 or to create an Online EURES account visit: Create a EURES account

Living and Working Abroad:

  • The EU Commission database gives comprehensive information on living and working conditions in 30 European countries; it is available in 20 European lanaguages. For further information on Living and Working Conditions Abroad visit: EURES


  • In general, if you take up work in another country covered by EC Regulations, you will no longer be subject to the Irish PRSI system. The social security laws of that country will apply. If you go to work in another country covered by EC Regulations, you should check which forms to bring with you, in addition to a valid passport / piece of identification. For further information contact your local Intreo Office or download: Which Forms

EURES Advisers:

  • There are over Advisors throughtout the Department who will give specialist advice through the EURES (European Placement Services) system.To find your local EURES Adviser visit: EURES Advisers

For further information on EURES contact your local Intreo office or visit the EURES website.

Please note:

You may be entitled to transfer you Jobseeker's Benefit to another European Economic Area country for a period of up to 13 weeks while looking for work there. You cannot transfer Jobseeker's Allowance. For further information contact the INOU.